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The preliminary remark: This page is translated from Russian on English by means of the robot. Therefore all claims on grammar to it.

"emma watson naked" or a lesson transfiguration

The Young friend! (and, maybe, and not so young...) Looking through statistics of visitings of this site, continually I see, that you quite often get on its pages by inquiry "emma watson naked". Alas, anything such here is not present.
I represent your disappointment.

But today you have got here knowingly! Yes, now you will see "emma watson naked", and even in pair with "den redkliff naked".

Besides, you will learn to undress and dress them!

But,  "Emma Watson naked" sounds somehow vulgarly, silly. And here " Emma Watson in Eve's suit " - absolutely an another matter

So, we come into a Googl, we write in a search line: " Adam and Eve " also we press a bookmark of "picture".
Cranes, Lukas the Senior (1472 - 1553) Adam and Eve 1531 State museum (Berlin)

Cranes, Lukas the Senior (1472 - 1553) Adam and Eve 1531 State museum (Berlin)

Then we find in the same way " Emma and Dan's photo ".

Emma Watson (Watson) and Dan Redkliff on presentation of film

We Open both pictures in the Photoshop. I have the seventh, but for that, than we shall be engaged, any will approach.

We see, that pictures very much differ on the size. In the beginning we shall lead to their scale similarity. Having made a smaller picture active (having cluck after it), in the main menu we press "Image" => " Image Size " and there is here such window

It is visible, that width of a smaller picture 300, and height of 426 pixels. We remember "300", we press "Cancel", the window is closed.

Having made active a greater picture in the same way, we learn, that its sizes 700\945 pixels. We replace 700 on 300 and the height itself changes on value 405. We press OK.

I Wish to notice, that in this picture of the screen palettes and a tool bar are not visible. I have simply cleaned them for convenience a key "Tab". Secondary pressing restores them.

Now we direct the cursor at person Emma and we increase scale of display of a picture: Ctrl+blank+cliques. We click in toolbar the tool "Polygonal Lasso (L)", establish the above adjustment "Feather" = 2px (that the contour of allocation was not too sharp) and we lead round it the person  Emmas. Here so:

Then we go in "Edit" the main menu and we copy Emma's head, having pressed "Copy".

We Click now on a small picture, again we open "Edit" and it is pressed "Paste". Emma's head has appeared in a new layer atop of Adam and Eve. Again we go in "Edit" and we press " Free transform ". Around of a head there was a rectangular with squares on the parties and corners.

Directing the cursor on these squares and keeping the left key of the mouse, it is possible to change the size and proportions of the image,> to rotate it and when the cursor inside of a framework turns to a black arrow, it is possible to move this image. But for the beginning, at a cursor position inside of a framework we shall click with the right key, and in the dropped out menu we shall choose " Flip Horizontal ". A person Emma's will turn in the direction necessary to us.

But also it not all. A person Emma's are a little bit more dark Eve's than body, is not that so? We look, that in a palette "Layers" "Layers") the brush at us stood in a layer with a person Emma's and is opened " Image => Adjustments => Brightness/Contrast... ". Moving cursors we adjust brightness. If it will seem a little, there there are still commands " Color Balance... " and " Hue/Saturation... " by means of which it is possible to adjust the image on tone.

Whether it seems to you, what because of Emma's head looks out a part of an another's hairdress?

We Increase scale of display (Ctrl+blank+cliques) up to 300% (the boomerang effect is reached by pressing "ALT+blank+cliques"). In a palette "Layers" ("Layers") it is cluck on a layer with a picture so that the sign on a brush has moved to this layer - it now active.

We Take in toolbar the tool " Clone Stamp Tool (S) ". At the upper left we click adjustment "Brush" and we establish diameter of the tool 3 pixels. In the same place above  there is an adjustment "Opacity" (Opacity "), set to it value of 100%. Then we direct the cursor at greens near to a fragment which to us should be cleaned and it is done "Alt+cliques". There will be a crossroads of a sight which will specify to us that place from which we shall start to copy the image, transferring it on a fragment unnecessary us. Thus we are not afraid to spoil casually a person Emma, so it at us in other layer.

And here result:

Well, and with Adam, that is Dan Radcliff, you now will consult!!

It is ready!

Can, and the truth, following film with their participation will refer to " Adam and Eve in paradise " and then our imagination on the basis of "Photoshop" will turn to a reality.
Not we are born by gift,  that a fairy tale to transform into a reality!

If something has not turned out, inform me through the red form which you see below (all fields are obligatory for filling, it is possible to give no more than 2 message ssuccessively), I shall explain more in detail.  Come on other my pages.

Web-master of this site Michael Polsky

Your name:
Your E-Mail:
Your message:

(To read from top to down)

The preliminary remark: This page is translated from Russian on English by means of the robot. Therefore all claims on grammar to it.

Yana, the Goose-crystal

I always protected Dan's name and I can not see, if at it simply scoff.
It is awful, that you have made with it and Emma. What for? I understand, what it will add popularity to your site, but unless it cannot be made other ways? What for it is simple so, for the sake of entertainment to scoff at Dan. Understand, that it you spoil the site. You want, that this site became popular? Then address to me. I know many ways (normal) by means of which it is possible to raise popularity of a site much more. Look at Dan's English site ( Dan constantly writes there because workers of a site try to protect it that you have made. And unless it would want to contact you after has seen that you with it have made. 
Do not think, that I wish to spoil to you opinion on you. I only wish to help. And all.

On August, 17th 2004a. At 21:08

Webmaster: I Thank you, Yana, for not indifferent attitude to Dan and Emma and to this theme in general. You to me remind these Hermione Granger.  Believe, that I love them not less, than you and any insult in this lesson transfiguration for them I do not see. Perhaps, still somebody will express as a matter of fact this question? I place your letter on page which has caused in you such condemnation and I wait for responses in the red form above.

18.08.04 00:02

I absolutely agree with Yana. Daniel the good guy, and you vulgarize it. I cite the reference of its father on

"On behalf of my wife and myself, thank you for the care and attention you take with We value the responsible attitude you show towards our son - in particular, in respect to his privacy. Furthermore, we appreciate the squashing of idle gossip, insane rumours and wild speculation which abound about his life. His life is so much simpler than people imagine!"
"On behalf of my wife and it is direct, thank you for care and attention which you take with We estimate the responsible attitude which you show to our son - in particular concerning its privacy. Besides we estimate flattening an idle gossip, mad hearings and the wild assumption which are available in a plenty about its life. Its life is so more simple, than people imagine!  "

31.08.04 09:28

The Citation:

We estimate flattening an idle gossip, mad hearings and the wild assumption which are available in a plenty about its life.

Though it also is translated, most likely, by the robot, the idea of father Dan is clear. We shall check up, how much this page corresponds to an essence of charge. For this purpose we shall not be too lazy to consult a dictionary "Dal". " Flattening of an idle gossip " we there, certainly shall not find:)  But there is here such definition:
" A gossip of m.-ieoa. And spletchik,-?eoa, spleten, spletjushnik psk. Immodest pereskazchik or smutnik, smutchik, balamut, a carrier, zaglaznyj peresudchik. Any gossip on the head napletaet. To it do not trust, he/she is the announced gossip. To gossip, carry gossips. More than ours it is not gossiped anywhere, do not gossip. Have sat, have gossiped, and dispatch. "
From here it is visible, that the concept "to gossip" assumes not which distribution of the information - or false as a matter of fact, or in subjective negative treatment. What such negative information is carried in this case? What without clothes it is similar to Adam? But even it is impossible to consider it the information, as there is no person in the world which would not know it.
Besides here there are no " mad hearings ", " wild assumptions ", etc. about its life. I to be engaged in it did not become essentially.
Charge from
Anna: " you vulgarize it " .
Let's look at the same
" TO VULGARIZE, vulgarize that, to make trite. Not called pisaki vulgarize all expressions for deep, sacred feelings, vulgarize even the words or language. Excessive sweetness of speech vulgarizes any feeling. - to be oposhlenu, or to become banal, become trite or as at us write: trivial, vulgar. "
That is, leaves, having shown Dan in image of Adam, I have vulgarized it. But in fact Adam is the first person on the ground, not born, and created by the God, hence, the most perfect from all people who have vulgarized in the further evolution and struggle for existence.
Explain to me how can vulgarize someone comparison with Adam?  (all it, certainly, concerns and to Emma
- Eve)
Yours faithfully

On August, 31st 2004a. At 14:25

  • Yana [email] [Goose-crystal]
    Smile Anna, thanks huge for support. I am very glad, that someone has agreed with me. I too read the letter of its father and perfectly it I understand. A lot of any awful information write about it. To take, even that in the childhood it was the ugly girl. Thanks you for the letter. I am sincere to you is grateful. 
    Webmaster, thanks you for expressed opinion. I understand you, in fact never the opinion happens uniform. But all I shall try to prove the point of view. Dan and Emma cannot be compared with Adam and Eve. Dan itself many times spoke, that with Emma they is simple FRIENDS. With Adam and Eve was at all so. They were not simply friends. In a modern way, the husband and the wife. So you them have vulgarized all. These are laws of the Bible which need to be read through more attentively simply. I very much hope, that you will understand, that it is impossible to compare that simply it is impossible to compare. Yours faithfully, your Yana.

05.09.04 20:49

Yana, Adam and Eve were friends the whole ETERNITY! And only after a case with the snake and an apple readout of history, time in general because they became mortal has begun. However, have in exchange got an opportunity of continuation of a sort as the husband and the wife. Their life in this not so paradise, and a terrestrial condition - an instant compared with eternity, that they were simply friends. Why artists during many centuries come back to the naked Adam and Eve's theme? Because the mankind to this day aspires to solve a riddle of occurrence in the world-paradise of a fall of man and the phenomenon connected with it "death". In fact in the perfect world created Supreme, any death was not and could not be. And here, Yana, you are right. You have correctly felt, that a condition " the husband and the wife " below that was at Adam and Eve before fall.. But at one great artist you will not find their image after. After is not so necessarily Adam and Eve, it already any the man and the woman. But in fact in a picture they it is still simple friends - During last instant of this perfect, highest, cleanest condition!

Yours faithfully

04.10.04 22:12

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