Sculptor Mark Salman
Virtual exhibition of medals


   We represent your attention a small exhibition of medals of Mark Salman
Some words about the artist.
1938. Was born in Russia. In 1967 has ended the maximum Art school of a name of Stroganov. A member of the Union of artists of the USSR. A member of the Union of artists of Israel. The winner and the winner of several international competitions. Exhibitions: the USSR, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Finland, France. The composition devoted to the Rithteous person of the World to Swedish diplomat Raulju Vallenbergu, is in territory of a museum of Accident Poison yours, Jerusalem. Lives in known Israeli village of artists Sanur.

The picture story about a creative meeting with Mark Salman in club Miriam Meshel
Mark Salman tells...


Медаль общества "Дом Януша Корчака в Иерусалиме 2005"
Medal of a society "Janusz Korczak House in Jerusalem" 2005. Diameter of 10 sm, an alloy under a bronze covering, moulding

"Raul Vallenberg" 1992
Diameter of 7,3 sm; bronze, stamping 


"Zigmund Freud" 1998
Diameter of 19 sm; aluminium, moulding

"To  David`s psalm"
Width 16,5; height 18,5; aluminium, moulding 


"Storyteller Andersen" 1979
Diameter of 16 sm 


"The Lion's gate of Jerusalem" 1967
Width of 21,6 sm;   height of 23,2 sm; aluminium, moulding

" Vinsent van Gogh " 1973
Diameter of 6,75 sm, bronze, moulding 

"Academician A.D.Saharov" 1978
Diameter of 18 sm, bronze, moulding 

"Beatrice and Dante" 1989
  Diameter of 16,3 sm, bronze, moulding 


"Imre Kalman" 1983
Diameter of 6 sm; bronze, stamping

The international award in medicine 2003
Width of 9,64 sm;   height of 10,13 sm; bronze, moulding

" The Second Accident " 1995
Width of 7,28 sm;   height of 7,9 sm; bronze, moulding


"Eugeny Vahtangov" 1973
Diameter of 10,5 sm; bronze, moulding


"Charli Chaplin" 1990
   Diameter of 15,2 sm; bronze, moulding

"Accident and heroism" 1991
   Diameter of 13 sm; bronze, moulding

"Fruits and shoots" 1984
Diameter of 12,0 sm; bronze, moulding

    We are proud of that we live during one time and in one country with such remarkable artist. Today it is full of forces and ready to performance of new orders. It assures, that not only events in world or state scale are worthy to be characters of its art. Its products become a worthy ornament of presentation or the anniversary of your firm close to you of the person, memorable event of your life.  If to compare our existence to a certain text on pages of history it is possible to tell, that Mark Salmana's art is an art of manufacturing of the press assuring the given text before Supreme Instance.
If you the collector, also wish to get one of the works exposed or not exposed here (the creative pantry of the Master cannot be presented on one page) or if you wish to order something new, send the letter to
this address.

Korczak`s House in Jerusalem. Studio of naive creativity

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